Thursday, April 26, 2007

Biden's Balls (and Friends)

The balls on that guy, eh? I hope that eight years from now he's not some nearly unrecognizable phantom of his former self, like another notable straight talker I once admired. Anyhow, Biden and Murtha tell it like it is . Everybody's beating up Bush and Iraq these days, even some Republicans. But Biden's had it right since day one. God bless that man. I can't believe his campaign was all but ruined in its infancy because of a foolish and plausibly accidental impolitic remark. I would love to vote for him, but I always support candidates who are bound to get crushed in the primary, and/or don't run at all. By the way Wes Clark, if you're listening, it's not too late for you to join the race!
One more from Biden.

And Keith Olbermann:

I don't know a whole lot about him, but I'm pretty fond of Bill Richardson too:

Here he is on Real Time with Bill Maher. It seems to me like now would be a pretty good time to elect a president who knows a lot something anything at all about foreign policy.

Here's some bonus Murtha. It gets good at the end. Wait for it. What the heck, one more from good ol' Jack.

Sigh. I'd rather vote for just about any democrat other than Hillary or Obama. Hell, I kinda liked Vilsack.

PS: About that first Murtha clip, I still laugh at what a little pecker Patrick McHenry looks and sounds like; I'm pretty sure I saw some frat guys give him an atomic sit-up on YouTube. Murtha gave him a solid verbal beatdown, but I half-wish he'd just backhanded him into oblivion.

Update: McHenry's got some problems. Foley-esque problems, methinks.