Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lord Help Us

I'm speechless. Really.

Correction: Not really. I just have to comment on one of the final paragraphs of the review:

Note that maybe one "educational" value in this movie was it served as a reminder that the settlers, our forefathers, in building a new nation free from religious and dictatorial oppression, oppressed the Native American nations almost into oblivion. And we don't even have so much as a national holiday to honor what is left of the only true Americans.

A nation free from religious and dictatorial oppression, eh? Funny thing to say on an unabashedly Christian website that protests the showing of a loosely historical film to high school students because it contains "many scenes of male posterior flesh, inappropriate touch, necking" and my personal favorite "a daughter's arrogance against her father's authority." Of course the reviewer also laments the graphic violence, which is undeniably intense, but I got the distinct impression that our latter day Bowdler was more upset about the verisimilar exposure of ass-cheeks than the explicit evisceration.

Certainly one could make a reasonable case against showing Last of the Mohicans to students, but such a case would not involve a rubric in which "O" for "Offense to God" is a criterion.