Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More on Joe Biden

Here's a Biden video I had posted earlier that got taken down. I really do like this sumbitch. It's a shame he and Rudy fell out of the race so early, because their pointed remarks toward one another (an exchange that Biden got the better of) were nothing short of hilarious.

I also came across a nice Politico article elaborating on the notion that Obama's choice of Biden as VP really stuck it to McCain.

Here's the guy running off at the mouth, but in such a great way. Why can't more politicians talk like this? Dare I say, it reminds me of some sort of (now defunct) rapidly moving vehicle that conveys speech in a bullshit-free manner.

Non sequitir:
An interesting way to think about the Olympic medal count.

And an awesome xkcd. For pure math nerdiness, this is about as clever as it gets.

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