Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is This the Discipline of the Disciples?

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot, pokes fun at a crazy lady who advocates "Christian Domestic Discipline" as a godly way to run the household.

He then notes that, unfortunately, it's not that funny.

Here is a condemnation of the practice, with specific attention to the idea that is the proper Christian thing to do. Long comment discussion with "Adult Woman," presumably Leah Kelley.

I'm almost speechless.

But not quite: I should note that while many have been quick to condemn or pity her, I encountered the notion that perhaps this is not just a rationalization of abuse (I cannot remember where, or I would cite the original post). It was suggested that CDD could instead be a way for very religious couples with kinky inclinations to square their desires with church teachings. At times, like with the merchandise and frequent admonitions that "this is not for every couple," that seems quite plausible. Elsewhere, not so much. Ultimately, after reading a bit more of her blog, I find that explanation interesting, but unconvincing (at least in her case). The one thing that's clear is that she is deeply conflicted in her loyalties to church, husband, and self, and I think it's pretty sad.

Update: Leah has responded to the fit of attention she has received recently by shrewdly pointing out that "It's okay, I'm a redneck."
This is indeed the best way to assuage fears of domestic abuse. Well played.