Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gonzo's Last Gasp

This is really the only defense left for him:

Oddly, I've pretty much had it with calls for Gonzo's head. It's not that he doesn't deserve it, it's just that it is now clearly a lost cause and a waste of precious legislative time and effort. He's not going to resign, Bush certainly isn't going to make him, and while even Republicans in the House and Senate are happy to verbally condemn him, nobody's going to orchestrate his political lynching (how typical of the Dems not to shove when pushing is nonplussed). So at this point, heaping scorn upon Gonzales actually plays right into the White House's strategy. Libby-like, they have designated a whipping boy who will dutifully absorb his flogging and deflect the outrage from where it rightfully belongs. (He will be well compensated in the end, we presume.) Don't give them what they want. Brand Gonzales the idiot and liar that he is, and move in to other examples of malfeasance. There's plenty of criticism to go around, and it's not fair or wise to let Gonzo become the lightning rod for the manifold transgressions of his employers, in much the same way that the Libby conviction (even if it had had teeth) was ultimately a vacuous appeasement given the depth of corruption that his scandal embodied.

This is funny too: