Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Holy @&*$%*#@$*)@#$

Fox News has published an article that pretty much concedes the point on global warming! Like the Catholic Church and Galileo, there comes a point when, in the face of mounting evidence, you simply cannot maintain a credible denial of the manifest truth.

Of course, it is no secret that Fox was going to come to the not-so-dark-side on this issue. Rupert Murdoch has personally acknowledged, on the record and on at least a few occasions, that global warming is a fact. He is, after all, not an idiot; he's a sociopath. And like any smart, profit-minded asshole, he is well aware that his viewers are idiots, and he has given them what they wanted: fodder for arguments with the evil leftists who have concocted this conspiracy as part of their plan to prevent the second coming of Jesus.

One of the vaunted defenders of the skeptic position (mentioned in this article, as well as pretty much every other climate change article, since there are only a handful of credible scientists who contest the consensus) is Richard Lindzen. He is a great candidate since he is evidently quite free of industry ties and his reputation as a scientist is impeccable. But what's interesting is that he's not quite the champion of anti-anthropogenic warming that editorialists would have him be. In fact, he mostly falls in line with the consensus position, though he would probably deny that adamantly. And though he has stated that he predicts a 50-50 chance of the earth actually cooling over the next 20 years, he doesn't seem to believe that with conviction. He's willing to bet it 50:1 odds, which sounds like a pretty damn good argument for the global warming position to me.

Here is a good piece on William Gray, one of the other prominent skeptics mentioned in the article. There's no stubbornness like an old codger's stubbornness.