Monday, August 13, 2007

Joyous Day

I can't believe what I just read!

I can't wait for this guy's memoirs/deathbed confessions. Who will be our generation's Woodward and Bernstein and hound him all the way to the grave?

I would like to read something into the timing of this resignation, but they're all just too secretive to speculate about what, if anything, it means. Oh well. I can imagine just about anything other than that he's actually feeling the heat of congressional investigations; he has too defiantly thumbed his nose at oversight of any kind for that to be a plausible theory. Perhaps, for the very first time, he is telling the honest truth: with the new democrat-controlled Congress, there is simply nothing left for him to do. He and his ilk have wielded near-absolute power for a long time, but now there is nothing to do but stem the tide of the reversal of their abuses, and frankly that's not very exciting. Anything is drudgery compared to playing a modern Rasputin, so who could blame him for walking out on a high note?

The Onion weighs in.